Flavorful recipes for frugal cooks

Cooking with Flavor Bombs did not start well for me as the first few recipes all contained nuts or peanuts. As I am allergic to both, I wondered if I would be able to use this cookbook. I read further along and discovered there were usable recipes for me to try.

I like the concept of Giovannina Bellino's book as I could prepare batches of flavor bombs to use later in cooking. I like to use fresh herbs in cooking, and after reading his recipes, I can now use the herbs without waste. I am a frugal cook so this makes my frugal heart happy.

You will find key recipes which can be used to prepare foodstuffs. You will find the key recipe and then recipes using the flavor bomb. For example:

Key recipe: Basil Flavor Bomb

Spaghetti Frittata
Linguine with Clam Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms
Quinoa Balls


As a herbalist/gardener, I have found what I can do with all my herbs.

Finally a chef who shares tips and explains in detail how to make and prepare gourmet food easily. If you are a herbalist/gardener and wondered what to do with the stock pile of herbs or extra vegetables, this is the book for you. I grow the usual herbs and would harvest them and freeze them, I never thought to make flavor bombs with the herbs that I could use to make dishes that we love. Since getting the book, I have made so many flavor bombs and the tips and ideas have given me the inspiration to make other flavor bombs that will end up making meal preparing easy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to cook and wants to learn something new.


Cooking with Flavor Bombs

And I thought my cooking game was strong by buying frozen basil, cilantro, and chopped garlic cubes and using my ice cube trays to hold onto a particularly yummy stock; here comes this book to show me that I can enhance these cubes (and measure them out to be one ounce each) by adding in spice, sauce, veg, and buttery elements. Accompanying each bomb recipe are also 2-4 side dish or entree recipes that could benefit the most from that specific bomb style.


Great Purchase with Great Benefits

Great ideas for fast, flavorful meals and a great process for streamlining the work of everyday cooking! With the price of admission!


Hello Gio,

We came home, poured veggie broth in a pot along with several chicken thighs and dropped in one of your delicious basil pesto FLAVOR BOMBS, simmered it for a while... and VOILA!

Our guests were asking for the recipe! Thank you Gio, you make life gourmet easy!

Nancy and Anthony
Hallendale, FL


Best Invention Ever!

Oceanside, NY


Guess I'm starting a new family secret... um, not. I told 'em about the Flavor Bombs. :)

Syosset, Long Island, NY